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Day 145 May 25

In 5th line on May 25, 2009 at 1:06 pm

“Knowing he’d pass right by her, Andrea quickly ran her hand through her hair and adjusted her skirt and halter.”~~The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks with a twist.

Happy Memorial Day, readers. Grab a book and head outside on this beautiful day.


Day 144 May 24

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“The parties and neighborhood social events grew to be mostly memories of better times in the past.”~~Hector’s Bliss by Dennis Vossberg

Former slaves move to the Nebraska Sandhills and settle along the Wheeler and Holt County lines in the Bliss Township near Goose Lake. The Black pioneers had a tough life on the Nebraska plains, where windy and dry weather blew away what little quality soil existed. By the end of WWI, they had moved from the area.

On a personal note, this book is based on land about six miles west of our farm. The “lost” Negro cemetery is still lost. During the Dirty 30s, the graves blew open. Several Caucasian families brought the bodies to a cemetery north of Goose Lake, and a year ago, these Black settlers were honored during Memorial Day services.

If you enjoy history, and if you especially enjoy Nebraska history, this book is a must read!!