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Day 652 October 14 2010

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“In short, Buffett’s opportunities were limited.”~~Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein

A thorough bio of Warren Buffett, the oracle of Omaha.

Day 561 July 15 2010

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(If you count the town name as a sentence (because it has a period): “A village on the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.” (referring to Dodge, Nebraska)  (If you don’t count the town name as a sentence): “This town was originally called Elkhorn City because of its location near the crossing on the Elkhorn river which is about a mile west of the present site.” (referring to Elk City)~~Nebraska Place-Names by Lilian L. Fitzpatrick

Nebraska town origins, listed by county. Another wonderful resource for Nebraska history.

Day 560 July 14 2010

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Sarles: Post office established June 9, 1890; discontinued February 1, 1893.”~~Perkey’s Nebraska Place Names by Elton A. Perkey

Organized by counties, Perkey shows every municipality, city,  town, village,  hamlet, post office site or ghost town in Nebraska. A wonderful source for historical information.

Day 319 November 15

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“He was born to Bryan and Lanta Baker on a farm northwest of Meadow Grove on April 18, 1886.”~~They Called It Meadow Grove compiled by Gary and Lenora Kuchar

Meadow Grove is a small town in Northeast Nebraska. Ironically, my dad taught high school there during the 1950s and my mom was born there in the 1930s (her family had moved 12 miles west by the time my dad taught there).